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Bhinneka Tunggal Ika Unity in Diversity

The third pillar of Indonesias Ideology, Pancasila, Unity in diversity.

It has been about a year since my article on Languages and Diversity. In doing some research of Indonesia and their, now, President Joko Widodo (locally known as Jokowi.) I came across so many more articles about all the good that the president has done. I have also been told by friends many times about how humble this man is.

Nelson Mandela, The Rainbow Nation, Madiba! That is Unity in Diversity.

President Jokowi reminds a lot me of Madiba, a great man with the best intentions for his country and his people.

I believe Jokowi has united his people more than any other leader before his appointment.

If I see what the President has done in his time in office thus far, here are some pretty good ones.

Single-price fuel fuel will cost you the same amount irrespective of what part of Indonesia you are in. Even certain isolated areas like Papua and Kalimantan

Clamping down on corruption

Infrastructure development throughout Indonesia, specifically Papua where the citizens there can now easily travel around Papua.

In 2016 President Jokowi made a decision to instruct the Director of Pertamina, Indonesias State Oil Company to ensure the oil/fuel pricing in the Province of Papua and West Papua was to literally become equal to oil prices similar to other provinces on Indonesia. This started happening in a very short time. I believe this was the Presidents idea of unifying his country.

The KPK (Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi) was established to fight corruption and where possible prevent it from taking place. Its vision is to free Indonesia from corruption.

Over the past few weeks and months there have been several inaugurations that have taken place in Papua. One of the highlighted inaugurations has been the Lukas Enembe Stadium located in the in Jayapura Regency. Jayapura is the capital and largest city of the Indonesian province of Papua.

The Lukas Enembe Stadium was built in accordance with international standards meeting the regulations of the International Football Federation (FIFA) with a stadium area of 71,697 square meters.

The Lukas Enembe Aquatic Centre has been licensed by the International Swimming Federation (FINA is the international federation recognised by the International Olympic Committee for administering international competitions in water sports) and all records made here are internationally recognized. Well done Papua, well done Merah Putih!

A few weeks back I saw a post of President Jokowi with West Papuan farmers. He was busy helping planting some corn seeds. West Papua has about 7 000 000 (seven million) hectares of land that can be used for Horticulture and food crops.

The ultimate goal in this area of Papua is to enable better crop planting and to change the cropping system to that of planting three times a year system so that there is continuous food availability.

While on his visit, the president requested that the governor and minister of Agriculture increase productivity in the Sorong Regency.

It is really great to see how President Jokowi interacts with citizens, in particular those citizens of Papua. A real human being and not just a political person. This is Unity in Diversity.

J S (the author is a social journalist who observes the culture of indigenous peoples).

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