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Indonesian Government Continues to Build Infrastructures in Papua and West Papua

The Government of Indonesia continues to undertake major infrastructure development in the provinces of Papua and West Papua. With this development, it is hoped that the welfare of the local community will continue to increase. In addition, the regional cost index may decrease while creating an even distribution of infrastructure development.

In 2021, the Indonesian government has budgeted Rp 6.12 trillion for infrastructure development funds for Papua Province, including Rp 670 billion for natural resources, Rp 4.46 trillion for roads and bridges, Rp 650 billion for settlements and Rp 330 billion for housing. Meanwhile, in West Papua Province, Rp. 3.67 trillion was used for the natural resources sector, Rp. 600 billion, roads and bridges of Rp. 2.54 trillion, Rp. 320 billion for settlements and Rp. 200 billion for housing.

To realize development in Papua and West Papua, the government carries out four programs, namely:

  1. Equal distribution of development to improve the welfare of the community.
  2. Affirmative support for improving the human resources (HR) of the Papuan people.
  3. The implementation of the Cash-Intensive Program (PKT).
  4. Fulfilment of basic needs and services with the support of PUPR infrastructure.

Improving the welfare of the Papuan people is carried out by opening up the isolation of the region and increasing access and connectivity from land and multimodal. Among them by building the Trans Papua Road 3,534 km, the Papua Border Road 1,098 km and the Youtefa Bridge 1.3 km.

Furthermore, to support human resource capacity development, construction services HR training will be carried out involving Papua and West Papuan native partners. In addition, it will also empower local business actors with limited tenders for construction work packages with a self-estimated price (HPS) between Rp 1 – 2.5 billion. In addition, officials and staff in technical centers located in Papua and West Papua are filled.

To fulfill basic needs and services with infrastructure support, the construction of Integrated Cross-Border Posts (PLBN) in Skouw (Jayapura) and Sota (Merauke), construction of special houses, clean water, environmental roads, and suspension bridges in Asmat, Mappi and Mamberamo Raya. With this development, it is hoped that it can continue to spur development and advance the Papuan people.

J S (the author is a social journalist who observes the culture of indigenous peoples).

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