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Indonesia has many natural tourist destinations, one of which is located in the eastern part of Indonesia, namely Papua Island. In Papua, tourist attractions with their natural beauty seem to never run out to visit. Whether on land or at sea, the nature is always amazing to visit. In addition to this paradise-like natural beauty, Papua is also still maintaining its local wisdom to this day. This is what makes Indonesia’s easternmost island very special.

One of the famous tourist destinations on the island of Papua is Raja Ampat. This famous tourist spot is a dream place for all nature lovers in Indonesia. Raja Ampat has 4 small islands that surround it. This place has a wealth of marine life that is very much and beautiful. Therefore this place is a place that is visited by many foreign tourists. Raja Ampat is located in the province of West Papua Indonesia, which is a group of scattered islands with a number of around 610 islands, but only 35 islands are inhabited by residents.

Because it is an archipelagic area, this area has sea transportation facilities. This transportation is used either to reach the district capital which is located in Waisai or vice versa. With four main islands in this area, makes it unique for those of you who visit the Raja Ampat Islands. The four islands that surround it are Batanta, Misool, Salawati and Waigeo. The name of Raja Ampat itself is taken from the myth of the local people which is if it translated into Indonesian means the Four Kings.

When diving in the Raja Ampat sea, you will find thousands of species of fish and many turtles in this sea. According to several studies in the Raja Ampat sea, 75% of the world’s marine biota species are on this island.

The tourists from all over the world deliberately come here to enjoy the beauty of the island and the uniqueness of its underwater tourism, as well as explore the underwater walls by diving. Here, tourists can also wade through large and small islands, mountains, tropical forests, strands of sea coral, white sand beaches and the diversity of animal life in the Raja Ampat tourist area. There are many more things about Raja Ampat that we can explore, so wait for the next review or come directly to Raja Ampat.

JS (the author is a social journalist who observes the culture of indigenous peoples).

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