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Understanding that the New Autonomous Region is to Realize the Improvement of the Social Lives of the Papuan People

The government extends and increases the Special Autonomy fund for Papua. In the special autonomy policy, there is the formation of a New Autonomous Region where with this program, it is believed that the improvement of the social life of the Papuan people can be realized immediately.

The government issued Law No. 2 of 2021 which is the second amendment to Law No. 21 which is the second amendment to Law No. 21 of 2001 concerning Papua’s special autonomy.
Dr. Sony W Manalu, MM as Expert Staff to the Minister of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, said what the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo during his reign was such as boosting the implementation of infrastructure development in Papua, building trans-Papua roads, building sea and air ports in Papua.
The issuance of the law on special autonomy is a manifestation of justice, the rule of law and the fulfillment of human rights as well as the acceleration of development in three main sectors, namely infrastructure, education and health.
Sony, the Deputy Chairman of the DPRD for Pesawaran Regency, Zulkarnain said that granting autonomy means giving the people of Papua and West Papua a wide enough freedom to determine the direction and policies of development, especially economic development as a whole.
In general, the granting of special autonomy to Papua and West Papua has several objectives, namely first, to create an advanced, prosperous and peaceful Papuan and West Papuan society. Second, realizing the people of Papua and West Papua so that they can determine the direction of their development in improving the standard of living of the people of Papua and West Papua. Third, realizing a willingness to determine the acceleration of development that encourages good governance.
The special staff of the President, Billy Mambrasar, stated that it was important to expand or form new provinces and districts in Papua, for reasons such as historical, cultural, economic and government factors as the basis for his opinion.
Billy also believes, to involve the younger generation of Papua in the process of division of this province. No longer do the expansion process which is intended to improve the fate of the Papuan people turns out to be monopolized by old Papuan figures.
Previously, Papuan youth leader Izak R Hikoyabi said that the policies taken by President Jokowi were considered to bring hope and progress for Papua. The reason is that the central government is considered to have given a lot of positive attention to the earth of paradise.
According to Izak, national integration and the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia at a fixed price are the foundation that is built on the basis of welfare, justice above a legal order that respects the socio-cultural context. The special autonomy needs to be continued so that the Papuan people can benefit, such as the opportunity to access education to higher education for Papuan youths.
The public should not be provoked by negative propaganda such as fake news and hoaxes which are always spread by separatist elements. Separatist groups often interfere with development in Papua, causing unrest and discomfort for the community. In fact, Papuans can live in peace without the presence of separatist elements.
Hans Mote as the head of the MeePago tribe in the Sentani region strongly agrees and gives full support to the government for the expansion of the new autonomous region in Papua.
With the expansion of this new autonomous region, it is hoped that Papua will continue to advance and its development will be evenly distributed in every line so that the people will also advance. The expansion of the Papua and West Papua regions is good for the progress of society, development, education and better health services in the future.

(Natalius Wanggai / Candidate for Master of Theology, Studying in Jakarta)

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